Brussels, capital of Belgium, principal seat of the Belgian Royal Family, and capital of the European Union, is a remarkably small, easygoing, and human-sized city for all its importance.

Unlike beautiful Bruges and Ghent, with their hordes of tourists, Brussels is Belgium's main economic and educational hub, which gives the city a more workaday feel than other towns.

Here, you get a proper feel for Belgian life, especially its fantastic restaurant and café culture.

Although Brussels may not have the star tourist attractions of other Belgian towns, the capital has more than enough things to do to keep visitors occupied for a couple of days, with a clutch of world-class museums and art galleries, as well as quirkier sightseeing highlights, such as the Atomium, and some wonderful remnants of old architecture in the old town quarter.

Once you've craned your neck at Gothic and Baroque splendor, don't forget to stock up on Brussels' famous chocolate.

Find out more about the best places to visit with our list of the top attractions and things to do in Brussels.

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